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Want to know who is looking at one of your properties when they are there?  You can put a QR code on signage and literature so customers can scan to contact you or an NFC to send your web card to their phone. They will open to a  website with your information and a form to fill in the information that you want to gather. After they submit, they will receive your Smart card and you receive an email that you have a new customer getting your information. You can now call or email them based on what information you request. The Smart card can show all your properties for sale (if you have them on your website), which allows the customer to check out more of your listings, not the next properties down the street. You are building a customer list, not buying one and each time the web card is opened your SEO is going up.

  • Works to increase your SEO - soon you will be #1 on search engines

  • Can be linked to your emails, text message, QR code printed on your literature, and even NFC

  • Custom links to promote property listings

  • Customers can access your information 24/7/365 as long as they have internet access

  • Updates are automatic, your customers do not have to update or download an APP, we are web-based, the card updates each time it is open

  • Secure server

  • Png file for video background

  • QR Code

  • Phone image

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