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The future of business cards is here, the digital platform is endless in making the Marketing Opedia "Digital Smart Card" work for you.

Digital confidentiality for our customers is the top priority for Marketing Opedia, we do not share or sell any customer information (see Terms & Conditions). The Digital Smart Cards are "mini-websites", therefore we have no access to the devices used open the cards. 


Larger companies that require "Dedicated" servers are one of the many services we offer. The customer and MO maintain the dedicated servers and MO will train staff to create and maintain customer "Digital Smart Cards". 

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Our programming creates reports that show:

# of times the card has been opened

# of times each button is clicked

# of times the card was forwarded

# of times the card was saved to contacts

Department managers can see how well their staff is doing with customer communication. 

Web management can see what is working to also communicate with customers. If there is a button with high numbers, that's webpage is working, if low numbers, then

that webpage isn't working. The Digital Smart Card works to improve the information that is important to your customers. Knowledge is power, give your customers the information in one easy to access location.

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Card Types:

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Digital SMART Business Card

Yearly Subscription:
    $125.00 per year
   +$50.00 one-time set-up fee

  • Great personal branding increases sales

  • Schedule more appointments with prospects

  • Network Marketing

  • Event Promoting

  • Sale Specials

  • + More

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Digital SMART Restaurant Card

Yearly Subscription:
    $125.00 per year
   +$50.00 one-time set-up fee

  • Increase online orders

  • Promote Specials

  • Event Promotions

  • Gift Card Sales

  • + More

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Digital SMART Real Estate/AirBnB Card

Yearly Subscription:
    $125.00 per year
   +$50.00 one-time set-up fee

  • Increase SEO driving more listings & showings

  • Increase referrals

  • Quickly prequalify buyers, sellers, and renters

  • Information for renters

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