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Make sure you read ALL Terms & Conditions when you select a digital business card APP or program. If it's free, the Terms & Conditions most likely give them the right to all access to your phone contacts, photos, video, and any other information you have stored on your phone.

Are Smartphone Apps mining your personal data?

The short answer is yes, they are. Apps always ask for permission to look at this or that on your phone. But what happens to the data they acquire? And who, exactly, gets to see that data? 

Read the article to see where your data is going.

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The Smart Business Card places your business profile in one "Microsite" on your phone and other devices.

The header can be embedded with a video, link, pdf, or other media links.

"Email Me", "Call Me", "Share By Text", and "Share By Email" button

Phone numbers, emails, and website.

Add your logo and headshot photo.

"Save To Contacts" button.

Custom buttons and social media links.

GPS Location and address directions.

QR code can be used to link literature to your digital SMART card.

The bottom banner can be embedded with a video, link, pdf, or other media links.


New prospective clients can get to know you quickly without going thru your entire website or social media sites. No APP is needed.

Highlighting special deals or events that update on the digital SMART card 24/7/365

Clients can connect with you and refer your SMART card via email, text, or phone call.

Personal touch with embedded media, links, and other information you want clients to know.

One click saves your digital SMART card to the client's contacts or on their phone home screen.

Direct links to highlight the information you want prospects to see first. One click allows the prospects to access websites, videos, and pdfs. Your social media direct links are also available.


The GPS location and address link to Google maps to direct clients to your location. 

Placing the QR code on literature, advertising, vehicles, and other locations allow prospects access to your digital SMART card.

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