The Marketing Opedia digital Smart Cards are designed to promote the services and products of businesses and individuals to the customers. The Smart Cards work to increase your SEO, not our SEO or the SEO of social media sites.  We do NOT gather or sell your information, we have no access to information on your phones, tablets, or computers. (Make sure to reads "Terms and Conditions" of any digital card you are looking at purchasing or accepting "Free". The "Free" make their money by getting access to your contacts and selling the information.) Marketing Opedia's User Agreement is linked in the footer below.

The Marketing Opedia digital Smart Card is not an APP, you do not need to go to the APP store, no need to download or update when changes are done. The Smart Card is web-based, so it is available anywhere you can connect to the internet. The Smart Card gives your customers access to the information you want them to have all in one place. Many people have multiply businesses, making it easy for your customer to find you and connect with you to increase sales.

Are Smartphone Apps mining your personal data?

The short answer is yes, they are. Apps always ask for permission to look at this or that on your phone. But what happens to the data they acquire? And who, exactly, gets to see that data? 

Read the article to see where your data is going.

A quick comparison between Marketing Opedia Smart Cards versus APP digital business cards:


Marketing Opedia

Digital Smart Card


App Digital cards

Smart Phone apps.png

Access 24/7/365 and NEVER be without your Smart Card. Connect to sales, marketing, social, and multimedia links at the touch of a button

Update of content on the Smart Card in real-time

Contacts save seamlessly and automatically into your mobile contact base at the touch of a button (no access to your personal information)

Receive great integrated analytics and reporting for your company, branch, department, and individuals. Measures the degree of customer engagement.

Use the Smart Card to communicate products, prices, and promotions to do business from one place

Compatible with ALL Smartphones, tablets & computers


Easily shared by text, email, or Bluetooth


Can be saved directly to recipients' Contacts or Home Page


Adaptable to individual needs

Company Directories listings can be created


Support and maintenance are also cost and time-effective.

Our digital card has no access to your

contact information, no access to your devices.

See below for our "User agreement"

The average shelf life of an app is short (less than 30 days according to research).

Apps are limited to whoever has them on their phone.


Some devices are also limited by the availability of the App for their particular device.

Apps have to be pushed to end users which then must be downloaded in order to update.

Limited to the manufacturer's App store, not every App store will have the App available.

Not shareable on social media sites because social media sites do not support Apps. To use Apps, your customers must have the App on their device to access the information you want to share. If your customer doesn't have the App, your customer doesn't have your information.

"Free" digital cards are free to you, but the App makes money selling the information gathered from your phone. Once they get your contact list, they sell it.

Always read the "Terms and Conditions" before accepting an App, be careful, they can still gather the information on the phone and sell it.