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How to get your information to your customers

Through innovative technology, Marketing Opedia’s digital SMART card has blended all the advantages of attractive marketing online with traditional business card marketing – giving you a unique, new, and highly personalized marketing platform.

   -  Would it be nice if all your business information was in one place?  

            We have done that

   -  Would you like to make it easy for your customers to refer you to more customers?

            We can do that

   -  Would you like to promote sale specials and events?

            We can do that

   -  Would you like to know if customers are opening your card and what buttons they are


            We can do that

   -  Would you like to know if customers are forwarding your card to other potential customers?

            We can do that

   -  Would you like to increase business?

            We can help you with that

Select the information your customers are interested in and when they click to see the information, they see what you would like them to see. Potential customers leave our platform and go to the information you want them to learn.

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Our web-based digital SMART cards are:

  1. Brand-specific

  2. Equipped with a custom QR Code to market on your collateral material

  3. "Mini" websites for online use and as part of your social media and marketing efforts

  4. All these tools can be used within your marketing strategies


Simple steps for the customer to get the digital SMART cards on their phone:

  1. Scan the QR code with their mobile device

  2. Prospect receives the digital SMART card via email or text

  3. NFC can be programmed for the card


Explanation of how the 5 standard buttons that come with the DSC (they can be hidden if not needed). 

  1. Email me button: This allows people who have your card to send you an email directly from the card.

  2. Call me button: This allows people who have your card to call you directly from the card.

  3. Share by text: This allows you or someone who has your card to forward it to someone via a regular SMS text message.

  4. Share by email: works the same as the Forward by Text button but with email. Using this button to send your card will also track to whom your card was sent and by whom. 

  5. Save to contacts: When someone receives your card, they tap this button and follow the prompts and all your info is then saved to their device. 


Everyone wants to have something that can be tracked. What is the back end?

  1. Marketing Opedia makes available reports that track which buttons and links are clicked and how many times your digital SMART card is opened, forwarded, and how many times it is saved to contacts. The data helps you determine what marketing is working. 

  2. When a customer forwards your card from the card, the report will let you know which customer sent it and who received it.

  3. This report is also a great tool to show potential sponsors and investors how many impressions your digital SMART card is receiving.

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We all know how important SEO is:

Every time a customer clicks on your Digital Smart Card from any device, it helps drive your SEO (search engine optimization). Clicks on your DSC will add ranking value to your business website. Your business can be found on page one when customers search for your name or your business.  "One-click" gets your number “ONE” ranking on search engines.

Breaking down the DSC design from top to bottom:

  1. The header can have your business logo and will have your branding. We can embed behind it a video, website, pdf, or other media file.

  2. Business phone numbers, cell number, email address, and website information.

  3. Your or your employees’ photo which we can embed behind it a video, website, pdf, or other media file.

  4. Save To Contacts buttons, when clicking the Digital Smart Card information populates in the contacts of your phone. No downloading or adding apps from the app store saves space on the phone.

  5. Customized buttons allow you to choose from your corporate website direct links, videos, pdf, or any other media that will show your customers what they are looking for. This is called Pull Through Marketing leveraging direct links. 

  6. Down at the bottom is your social media links, which allow your prospects to get to know your business and direct posts from social media platforms.

  7. QR Code for easy transfer from one phone to another. (Also airdrop, NFC, text, web link, and email)

  8. The bottom panel can be a photo of information that we can embed behind it a video, website, pdf, or other media file.

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Marketing Opedia is a Digital Marketing Platform, here is the big deal. You or your employees can add the DSC to the homepage of their phone, so the DSC will always be a click away. This digital marketing platform allows you to quickly connect with your customers.

AND most importantly this is not an APP! It is a direct link capable of instant updates. When you update information on your website if your DSC is pointing to that link, it will update automatically.

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