The Smart Card should have what your customer needs to contact you and to make the sale. Give your customers a clear path to what they want and need, with our Smart Card, you can do that.


See below how the information works:

The Smart Card starts with the company logo, this logo can link to a website, video, or document (as long as the video and documents have a URL, it will work on the digital business card). If you don't have a URL for them, contact us and we can set it up for you.

The "Email Me", "Call Me", "Share By Text", and "Share By Email" are linked to the email and mobile number supplied. With one click they can connect with you or share your Smart Card. These buttons can be turned off as a group, so they will not show.

Other information for the company can be added and information for the employee. The employee photo can be added and this can also link to a website, video, or document. If you want the company logo to show when

the Small Card is saved to the home screen on

phones or computers, you can have that.